20 Smart uses for Plastic Containers

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We love plastic containers and we want everyone to know it because they’re light, versatile, and easy to clean.

And you can use them again and again, in every room in the house, proving you can never have too much plastic on your hands.


Think food storage. From leftovers to grated cheese to cut-up fruit, plastic containers can be a great help in any kitchen. And they tend to be freezer-friendly too.

Need safe, non-breakable containers for baby products? Throw a few plastic containers into your nappy bag – you can use them for snacks, baby bath products, even wet wipes. Get a plastic nappy bucket if you’re going with cloth diapers – lightweight and easy to clean.

Tidy up your children’s rooms with a variety of plastic containers by your side – use large, sturdy ones to store games and teddies, and smaller ones for toys with small pieces that could easily get lost.

Need a place to store your fishing gear? Use stackable plastic containers (or bigger ones with wheels) or a plastic toolbox or accessory kit to store reels and hooks – they’ll stay safe, clean, and dry till you need them.

Organise your bathroom. Store extra toilet paper or bathroom goodies in clear, plastic containers so they’re easy to identify at a later stage. Use small plastic containers in your bathroom cabinet or on floating shelves to keep things tidy.

Tidy up your desk with plastic containers that can double up as stationery holders, paper organisers, and document holders.

Use large plastic containers to store art equipment, large pieces of drawing paper, and art supplies like coloured pens or crayons. Keeping crafts all together will save you precious time getting set up for a creative session.

Clean up your garage for once and for all. Make sure that every item you keep has a place and a purpose. Use see-through containers for easy access – label and stack them so that you can get your car back in the garage.

Pack lunch the night before and keep it fresh with plastic lunchboxes and food storage containers. Whatever type you choose, make sure it’s airtight and dishwasher safe to make your life that little bit easier.

When was the last time you replaced your laundry basket? Use a plastic box or basket and don’t stop at just one. Get a set and separate whites, darks, and items for ironing. Plastic is lightweight and will not mould or warp. Is your laundry basket on display? Choose one with a bright pop of colour or pretty lace detail.

Storage is a modern-day event. If you’re getting married, moving in with your mate, or moving to another flat, space can quickly be at a premium. If you’re cleaning out but don’t want to part with any of you household goods, storage would probably a good option for you. Organise your storage space with a series of plastic boxes, properly sealed and cleaned.

Use a plastic bin (or two) in your kitchen and your bathrooms. These bins are easy to clean and lift, making them just right for cleaning up any rubbish.

Have a furry friend? There are so many plastic container options designed with them in mind. Store your pets’ toys in large plastic storage boxes and their food in plastic food storage bins. And why not give them a bath in a plastic basin? So much better than the kitchen sink.

More Uses for Plastic Containers

Don’t run back and forth while trying to hang the washing. Store all your pegs in a plastic container or get a plastic peg basket – this will make for easy storage and accessibility when you need them.

Make household cleaning easy-peasy with plastic buckets and basins. Great for carrying water but not too heavy to lift and easy to clean.

Forget glass – store water in plastic water bottles and keep them in the fridge for when that thirst (or those water restrictions!) hits. So much safer, especially if you have young children. Or go big with a jerry can.

Hitting the road for a long outing or weekend away? Don’t forget to pack a cooler box with snacks and water.

It’s summer time and time to get gardening. Did you know that plants love plastic containers? With plastic, anyone (from big to small) can spend a quiet afternoon potting new plants.

Use a set of plastic tea, coffee, and sugar canisters to tidy up your coffee station at home or at work.

Throw a pool party and go plastic all the way – from food trays to drinking glasses to a biscuit barrel for leftovers, plastic is safe, won’t shatter if dropped, and is light and easy to move around. Perfect for a lazy summer day.

With snap-on lids, handles, and even wheels, plastic containers like the ones found at your local Household Plastic store have a hundred and one uses.

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20 Smart uses for Plastic Containers
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