5 Great Holiday Gift Ideas

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The Festive Season is time is a time for family, friends and celebrations. Here are 5 great holiday gift ideas that won’t empty your pocket.

We know the holidays can be a stressful time – with all the shopping and cooking and entertaining. At Household Plastic we can help you out with advice about Holiday Parties, and of course we have many great gifts. Here are a few:

Scented Candles

Refresh the home or create a relaxing vibe. Certain smells can evoke strong emotional responses when linked to pleasant memories of comfort foods, locations and life experiences. Aromatherapy touches every aspect of your being, so indulge in your senses and transform you living space into a world of sensory delight.

R20 each.

Never Fall Over Mug

This cup is amazing! You will never spill your drink. This suction cup is unspillable. It is called the never fall over mug. It is unlike any other mug or cup that usually falls over when bumped. (How many spills have you experienced over your laptop?)

This mug is vacuum sealed and its insulation keeps your drinks hot and tasty for hours – or cold if you prefer them that way.

R139.00 each

2.5 litre Water Bottles

In this hot humid weather most of us a have a few water bottles. But how is this big family sized 2.5 litre fridge water bottle?

It is safe to use in the freezer and is made of BPA free plastic. It is perfect for picnics or outings with the kids. They also come in fun colours.

R89.00 each

Build and Play

The Build and Play Range for kids over the age of 5 has several models including helicopters, cars, graders and more. The pieces are just the right size for little hands. These games help kids develop early STEM skills and have heaps of fun while doing so.

They allow children to build their favourite vehicle with ease and enhance their fine motor and problem-solving skills. Kids love them.

Range of prices. Rocket Car R130.00

Tropica Beach Chair

Blazing sun, palm trees and a beach chair. For most people that sounds like the perfect way to spend a summer holiday. This chair is sturdy and lightweight enough to take along to the beach, locate it next to a pool or just simply position it in a nice shady spot in the garden. Make sure you keep cool these holidays. 

On Promotion – R169.00

We have only highlighted five gift ideas, but our regular shoppers know that Household Plastic is a treasure trove for great holiday gifts for family and friends of all ages.

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5 Great Holiday Gift Ideas
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