5 Tips for Planning Your Holiday Parties

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During the holiday season, party planning can go into full swing. Families and friends plan all types of festive holiday parties.

If you’re throwing a get-together for friends or family this festive season, we’ve got all the ideas you need to put on a fun-filled celebration that’s guaranteed to blow your guests away. Use these top tips to create and host the perfect party.

Five Ways to Plan a great Festive Season Party

Whether you’re hosting an annual holiday celebration or want to start a new holiday tradition, here are 5 great tips to help you plan a splendid holiday party:

  • Set a budget and make sure you don’t overspend.
  • Choose a date that works for key guests.
  • Select the best venue.
  • Make sure your party is unforgettable by giving it a theme – a retro cocktail party can be really fun.
  • Get out the candles. If your gathering is at night, light plenty of candles. You’ll get away with hardly decorating at all.

Advance Planning Works Best

For most people the holiday season is a very busy time of year. To help narrow down the ideal holiday party date, you’ll want to get the party date on the calendar early.

First things first. Find an appropriate venue. Depending on the size and type of your party, you may decide to host your holiday gathering outside your home.

How about having a theme – it makes the decorating much easier, also fancy dress is an instant ice-breaker.

The easiest way to stay stress-free (and enjoy your own party) is to do some of the work before everyone arrives.

Stick to a Budget

People tend to get a bit carried away when they hit the shops to stock up for the end-of-year party. Just remember, you don’t have to overspend to entertain.

Before you start spending, make a list of everything you want to buy. Start with what’s most important when it comes to hosting a Holiday party: paper goods, main dishes, appetizers, desserts, drinks, decorations and tablecloths. That way, if your money runs out along the way, you can cut things from the bottom that don’t matter as much and focus on the party ideas that you really want to do.

Light up the Party with Candles

Save money by picking up some glass jar candles at Household Plastic.

Borrow or Buy Paper

You don’t need to spend a fortune on tablecloths and serving trays and serviettes to make your holiday spread look great. Luckily, disposables don’t need to be expensive, and can look sophisticated, too. Do you know how to fold paper napkins?

Borrow you need from family or friends or pay a visit to your Household Plastic store and take a look at our large selection of paper plates and cups in various colours and designs. Always remember to keep a few bin bags handy to help with cleaning up afterwards.

Ask Guests to Bring a Dish

We are all in the same budget boat. The whole point of gathering at this time of the year is to spend time with friends and family, so ask your guests to each bring a dish. People usually enjoy helping out a dish.

Forget the Fancy Invites

Simplify your process with a nice email invite. Just make sure you still send it out with plenty of notice. Schedules get crazy around the Christmas season!

Let the Family Help

You can’t do everything when you’re hosting a Holiday party.  You’ll need some help. Maybe that’s your spouse or your best friend or your kids. Delegate what you can. Don’t put pressure on yourself to do it all. This will free up your time so you can focus on sticking to the budget and enjoying tour holiday party.

At Household Plastic we have an extensive range of paper plates of all colours, shapes and sizes as well as paper table cloths, cups glasses and plates to make your holiday party a winner.

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5 Tips for Planning Your Holiday Parties
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