6 Baskets for the Bathroom

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For many people the bathroom is a place of peace and tranquillity.  It is a place where we can relax in the bath; refresh in the shower and generally de-stress. It is also a great place to keep a variety of baskets.

Laundry baskets, also known in South Africa as washing baskets and bins come in all shapes and sizes. Also known as Laundry Hampers/baskets, they are one of the more ignored bathroom items, by children especially teenagers who believe that dirty clothes and wet towels should be discarded on the floor and not in the washing basket. For them laundry baskets are invisible.

Some people create more laundry than others, so it is always great to have a tidy; storage option that is centrally located for the whole family and that is not an eyesore.

At Household Plastic we have a range of Laundry baskets in all colours and sizes. Some with lids, some without.

Laundry Baskets

The other kind of laundry baskets every home needs, are the carrying or transport baskets – the open flatter baskets that we put wet washing it to carry it to the line or to the dryer.

If you have teenagers, it may be a good idea to have a laundry basket without a lid. Youngsters may decide that lifting a lid to put their dirty washing in the basket is simply too much effort.

Get a Basket on Wheels

For folks who do their laundry in a location other than where the washing basket stands, think about getting a basket on wheels, especially if you usually have a heavy load of washing. The basket with wheels makes it so much easier for your to transport dirty washing to the washing machine or to your laundry.

And don’t forget the peg basket.  It actually makes hanging out the washing a pleasant chore. Especially here in Durban where we are blessed with plenty of sunshine (and good breezes most days) there is nothing better than the satisfaction of pegging clean washing on the line.

Most bathrooms can look untidy and messy, especially when you have a large family – each person has their own shampoo, conditioner and bath products. What is needed is a practical plastic basket where everything can be collected in a nice tidy fashion.

If you want to change the whole ambience of your bathroom, dress the room with natural light and plants and you will achieve the perfect balance between functionality, style and warmth in such a private and personal area.

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6 Baskets for the Bathroom
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