Adopting a Kitten?

Adopting a Kitten?
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There’s nothing quite as exciting as introducing a new pet into the house. Today’s tips are directed to adopting a kitten specifically; watch this space for puppy tips later.

As small as kittens are, the number of items you can accumulate for them is huge. We’ve created a little checklist so you feel prepared.

Purchase a litter tray

Choosing a litter tray is often the most underrated decisions you can make – do you go scented or unscented? Manual or automatic? We’ll help make the decision for you. We have a choice of cat litter trays, that is big enough for your new kitty cat and it some come with a scooper!

Get cat food

Growing kittens need cat food specifically formulated for their development stage, as they need certain nutrients to grow strong bones and muscles. If you go to your local grocer or pet store the cat food should be clearly labeled for the cats life stage. The best part is, we have a really cute cat bowl for your little furry friend.

Invest in some cat toys

This is especially important when the kitten is growing up as they might find some toys in your shoe cupboard or on your bed!

Purchase a bed

While this might not seem a necessity as cats enjoy sleeping just about anywhere – they do love a soft secure snooze spot so try teach it from young to sleep in its bed.

Cat Collar

This is great if you live in a neighborhood and fear your cat might wander around. Make sure it has an elastic inset to prevent your kitten from choaking if the collar hooks on anything.

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Adopting a Kitten?
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