Awaken your Master Chef – Explore your Creativity in the Kitchen

Awaken your MasterChef – become Creative in the Kitchen
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Explore your creativity in the kitchen. Becoming more creative in the kitchen is becoming more creative in life.  Get out of your cooking rut and try some new things.

At times,  it’s hard to get your creative juices flowing in the kitchen, even with a stack of great cookbooks and your favourite recipes bookmarked and saved on your phone, .

There is so much to do to just keep your life together and take care of yourself and loved ones, that it often feels like time spent in the kitchen is a chore. This is where you need the first mindshift.  Make an effort to cultivate a harmonious connection between mind, body, and food.

Transforming a handful of simple ingredients into a nutritious and appealing meal is a bit of an art – not something you’d find in an art galley – but the process from raw idea (ingredients) to the finished piece (meal) means that the essence is still there.

So start by cultivating a mindful approach to eating―getting acquainted with your body’s nutritional needs, your palate’s likes and dislikes, and the emotional elements that shape your cravings and deep satisfactions with meals.

We are all different and we need to find our own way, but I do believe that there are some basic food & lifestyle rules you can follow to make the path there clearer.

This may sound a bit “aerie fairy”, but understand that if you want to keep your family happy, you first need to make yourself happy,

Clear out The Kitchen

If you want to live your best life, start with what you are choosing to eat, clear out the kitchen (throw away any product your great granny wouldn’t have recognised).

Re-arrange your kitchen and make it a beautiful space where you want to hang out.  This is your studio where you are going to create.

Spoil yourself with some gorgeous bowls and platters that will inspire you to fill it with delicious and nourishing food.

Find some time to plan ahead, count colours on your plate instead of calories and make some time to awaken your senses.

Choose Quality Food

The old saying goes “You are what you eat”, so choose good ingredients to cook tasty, nutritious and delicious meals. Choose quality over quantity.

Food choices for example should be delicious and nutrient dense, every single mouthful, at every meal … even when you are eating on the run. Don’t settle for just filling a hunger with whatever is available.

Like a song or a poem, cooking requires an understanding of harmonies – anyone can mix random ingredients together but not everyone can cook them into something good.

Try New Dishes

We’re not all great cooks, despite your skill level, you can still reap the benefits of the process. This is the great beauty of cooking.  You can try new things, take big risks, and learn from your mistakes

Allow some creativity and playfulness back in. For me this means some silly dancing in the kitchen whilst cooking a new recipe; playing inspirational music or taking a mouth-watering picture of a new dish to share with friends. Begin to regard the kitchen as a space where you can play and be creative, and at the same time nourish  family and self.

Creativity is a Lifestyle

To stimulate your creative juices, hang out with the right people and feel inspired by the beauty others create. Pay attention to beauty and generosity around you. If you feel like you lack imagination? Know this: Everyone can be more original–it just takes practice. Be brave. For a time every day, switch off your devices, fast a little, become quiet,.

It can be a challenge at times to get inspired or put yourself in a creative mindset, but for sure, there’s one place in every home that can get your creative juices flowing. One place that is often overlooked. The kitchen.

    “Cooking is like painting or writing a song. Just as there are only so many notes or colours there are only so many flavours – it’s how you combine them that sets you apart.” Wolfgang Puck

If you want to explore your creativity, we will direct your to our kitchen and cookware and also to our crafts section.

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Awaken your Master Chef – Explore your Creativity in the Kitchen
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