Back to School 2022 Essentials

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Are your kids heading back to school? Yes, it is already that time of the year. In the Durban heat and with Covid still around it can be hectic trying to get all your ducks in a row, and yes, we all know back to school shopping can be a tiresome affair.

In order to keep you stress free, check out what we have (for great prices) at our stores. Whether the kids are heading back to high-school or play school or elementary school, we’ve got a variety of back-to-school supplies you will need.

Lunch Boxes and Juice Bottles

Kids are very fussy over their lunch boxes and often insist of a new lunch box for the new school year. Bring them with you to the store to pick out the lunch box that suits their needs. Some kids want a small flat lunch box and other prefer one with trays to separate their food.

Remember, the lunch box should be durable, easy to clean and carry, and hold enough food to satisfy your appetite. Take a look at the exciting range of Sistema Bento boxes

Juice/Water Bottles

In KwaZulu-Natal it is very important for kids to always be hydrated, so in many ways the water bottle is more important that the lunch box. So don’t just grab the fist water bottle you see – discuss with your kids what they need and want. Do they have easy access to water at school? Do they want juice or water? Do they want an insulated bottle?

With all the choices available, it can seem like a daunting task to narrow down all the options. You can find everything from glass to stainless steel to plastic options.

Make sure the juice bottle is leakproof and safe. Children will carry their lunchboxes around in their backpacks or hands without a thought of anything inside spilling. Their water bottles should be able to handle being tossed around inside without leaking and getting everything else soaked.


We are talking about pens and pencils; erasers and sharpeners, stencils and labels. We have them all and much more.

Going back to school is challenging for some families, either because of rotation schedules or even just to get kids into a new routine. This is where parents need to step in and create a structure of learning and development within their homes.

Create a Productive Atmosphere at Home

Rework your household schedule so that the kids can get homework and projects.

You don’t need ONE study space. As long as they aren’t distracted, the kids should be able to study indoors or outdoors Sometimes a change of scenery can prompt your brain to retain information better.

Track more than HW in your Planner

Keeping a calendar helps you plan ahead—but you’ve got more going on than just homework assignments! You can get one of those desk monthly planners and put it up in a prominent place and fill in all the activities for the month. Make sure you’re marking your extracurricular, work, and social commitments, too. (Tests, sport/music practice, away games, exam dates, and holidays are just a few examples of reminders for your planner.)

Get into a Routine

When will you make the time to do your homework every day? Without being too rigid, it helps the whole family if you set study times.

Create a Distraction-free Zone

A study on workplace distractions found that it takes workers an average of 25 minutes to return to what they were working on pre-interruption.  Turn off mobile phones, TV, radio and other distraction during study time.

Get Real

When you’re looking at the homework you have to get done tonight, be realistic about how long things actually take. Gauging that reading a history chapter will take an hour and writing a response will take another 30 minutes will help you plan how you spend your time.

Use Class Time Wisely.

Is your teacher finished lecturing, but you still have 10 minutes of class left? Get a jump on your chemistry homework while it’s still fresh in your mind. Or use the time to ask your teacher about concepts that were fuzzy the first time.

Look over your notes each night to make sure you’ve got it.

Keep your own notes. Fill in details, edit the parts that don’t make sense, and star or highlight the bits of information that you know are most important. Interacting with your notes will help you remember them.

Study a Little every Day

Cramming for a quiz might work in the short-term, but when comes time to study for exams, you’ll be back at square 1. Keep up with classwork.

Make a Friend in Every Class

Find a few people you can contact from each of your classes if you have a homework question or had to miss class (and do the same for them!).  Then when it comes time to study for exams, you’ll already have a study group.


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Back to School 2022 Essentials
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