Better Jaffels on the Winter Braai

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When you ask people about their favourite jaffles, you often get blank looks. Especially here in KwaZulu Natal. They know about snackwiches and toasted sarmies, but jaffels?

For those of us who grew up in the 60s and 70s jaffels were often on the menu at school and church events. If I remember correctly those jaffels mostly had “savoury mince” inside them. (Those were the days before toasted cheese and tomato sandwiches).

So, although jaffels haven’t exactly made a comeback, they are very popular among campers and those who braai. You can make them in the fire or  on a stove, especially a gas stove.

Three-in-One Jaffel Maker

When we look at the three in one cast aluminium jaffel maker from LK’s you see a jaffle machine that is lighter and more efficient than its old counterpart and also makes three perfect jaffles in one go.

This should certainly be part of your collection of braai and camping tools.

How do you use a Jaffle Iron?

Jaffles provide a delicious pocket of yummy goodness, are a great way to use up leftover breakfast and dinner provisions, and an easy way to create a hot lunch for those on the go.

Place the iron directly onto the heat source, as you would a pot or frying pan. Start with a gentle heat and flip the iron every minute or so to get even heat from both sides. Open it to check and, when the contents are golden and melting, you’re done.

For the history buffs, the Jaffle Iron was designed, named and patented in Australia in June 1949 by Dr Ernest E. Smithers. The Jaffle Iron was classed as a ‘Pressure Toaster’ and this is embossed, with the name ‘Jaffle’ on the cast iron lid.

French Toast on the Jaffel Iron

For the French Toast lovers, it is really easy to make Banana French Toast Pockets which are coated with cinnamon, filled with a banana and cream cheese mixture, sealed together without the crust to make a sweet and tasty breakfast treat.

To take the treat a step further, top the crustless pockets with some walnuts and syrup or honey to round everything off.

Other Specialty Jaffels and their Recipes

The simple things in life are often the best. Good-old jaffle iron toasties are proof of that.

Here are some filling suggestions for your jaffles:

  • Creamy tuna and corn jaffles
  • Satay chicken and sesame jaffles
  • Cheeseburger jaffle
  • Egg, spinach and ricotta jaffles
  • Mushroom, chutney and cheese jaffles
  • Corned beef and mustard jaffles

Milk Tart Jaffels

As milk tart is part of the rich South African heritage, why not include the milk tart jaffle?

Imagine sweet white bread filled with your favourite milk tart filling, crusted with sugar and cinnamon. You simply must try this combination of these two wonderful ideas.

Woolies has an easy fix for the filling of Milk Tart Jaffles


If you like the sound of a sweet jaffle, along the lines of the Milk Tart Jaffle, try this quick and easy 6 ingredients recipe

2 tsp Cinnamon

2 tbsp Sugar

12 slices White bread (raisin bread works well too)

1 Butter

400 ml Full-cream milk

1 packet Vanilla pudding, instant

Jaffle Maker Apple Pies

Made from only 5 ingredients including puff pastry and cooked apple filling, you can make this classic winter dessert in a jaffle maker, so it’s ready in just 25 minutes. All you need is:

1 sheet frozen puff pastry, just thawed

225g (1 cup) cooked apple (see note)

20g butter, melted

Cinnamon sugar, to sprinkle

Thick vanilla custard, to serve

Mieliebrood Jaffles

Mieliebrood jaffles (Mealie bread jaffles) with Wild West filling – this sounds like a little bit of heaven. The recipe is in Afrikaans on Maroela Media, but the Wild West filling consists of mince, beans, tomato, chillies and seasoning. And the mielie bread, well it is a simple recipe consisting of self-raining flour, tinned mealies, butter mild and cheddar.

Mac n Cheese Jaffles



Jaffle Tips:

  • Always use butter to ensure that your jaffles get that wonderful toasty brown colour and also do not stick to the pan.
  • Bread shouldn’t be any thicker than 1.5cm, 2cm at most, per slice. Otherwise, it’s only the bread that toasts.
  • Cheese. A jaffle is not complete without cheesy, oozy goodness, but there really are no rules when it comes to your choice of cheese. A cheese slice will give you that perfect coverage but you can try Swiss or brie, if your stepping up your jaffle game.
  • Avoid spillage: keep the edges clean by avoiding overhang. If your jaffle is a little saucy, try keep the ingredients towards to centre.

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Better Jaffels on the Winter Braai
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