Use the Right Cleaning Cloth

It is no good using mutton cloth to clean your windows or a sponge to wipe your fridge door. You need to use the right cleaning cloth for whatever surface you are cleaning. It is true; cleaning is quicker and easier when you use the right tools Using Microfiber Cloths Who’d have thought there would […]

Silicone Bakeware – Muffin Trays, Cupcakes, Moulds

Cooking and baking with silicone bakeware will make your life easier and mostly give you a better outcome, from chocolate moulds to muffin trays. Just remember, when buying silicone kitchen products you should ensure that the silicone is high-quality and food-grade. Silicone Baking Moulds Some of the bet aspects of silicone baking moulds is that […]

Easy Microwave Mug Cakes

Yes they are easy. And yes they are delicious! Keep microwave mug cake recipes on hand – just for emergencies. Mug cakes come in handy when you have a craving for a treat but hate the thought of making a big dessert or jumping in the car to drive to the shop.  Guaranteed, these personal-sized […]

How to Crush, Smash and Chop Garlic

Everybody has their own special way to crush or chop garlic. Some do it manually and others prefer a garlic press or crusher. There is just something about garlic!  Imagine, what makes the taste buds tingle more than the aroma of roasted garlic or the deep, pungent smell of a garlic-rich sauce or curry simmering […]

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