Make Sure to Keep your Pets Hydrated this Summer

All pets need a bit of extra care to encourage them to stay hydrated during the hot summer months, especially here in Durban. Dogs and cats, just like humans need a regular water intake every day to make sure they stay healthy, as water regulates their temperature and aids digestion and waste removal. Animals get […]

Caring for Pets in Winter

Brrrr! It is cold this time of the year. We all feel the chill when the mercury drops and the nights and early mornings seem freezing. Our pets also feel the cold and need extra protection. All pets feel cold, be it a dog, cat, birds or rabbits. It’s better to protect them from being […]

Adopting a Kitten?

There’s nothing quite as exciting as introducing a new pet into the house. Today’s tips are directed to adopting a kitten specifically; watch this space for puppy tips later. As small as kittens are, the number of items you can accumulate for them is huge. We’ve created a little checklist so you feel prepared. Purchase […]

Create a Pet Paradise at Home

When you’ve got dogs or cats or any type of pet you need to look after them. Here are a few ways to create a pet paradise at home. Pets seem to make everything better; although they sometimes create havoc, more often than not they brighten dull days and constantly keep us company. If your […]

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