Container Gardening in Flower Pots and Planters

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When the weather gets warmer we feel the urge to spend more time outside, and because nature produces such beautiful shows of colour, we also want to get busy with our flower pots and planters.

Container gardening is very rewarding, even if you have a home with a garden. Whether you have a patio, balcony or just a window, pots are a great way to add a splash of colour. You can even grow fruit and vegetables in them!

Ideal for Small Spaces

Of course container gardening is ideal for those with little or no garden space. Basil, chives, thyme, and other herbs also are quite happy growing in pots, which can be set in a convenient spot right outside the kitchen door.

Plants lend instant color, provide a focal point in the garden, or tie in the architecture of the house to the garden. Place them on the ground or on a pedestal, mount them on a windowsill, or hang them from your porch.

5 Container Gardening Tips for Beginners

Drainage – this may seem like a bit of a non-issue, but plants in containers don’t want soggy roots, so drainage becomes a bit of a matter of life or death for plants. So take a careful look – many ports don’t have drainage. Cut, punch, drill, and just make sure you have holes in your pots.

Light – evaluate the light. For some reason people often over estimate how much sun their containers get. Remember you need to find the right plants for your light conditions, so it is a good idea to do a kind of “test run” before you plant your pot to see what time the sun hits the chosen spot and for how long.

Plant food – speak to the nursery about your potting medium. Most potting soil has not real nutrients and you will have to feed your plants in order for them to thrive. This is a good time to decide whether you want to add synthetic fertilizer mixes to your soil or if you want to go natural.

The right Pot – You need the right shape and size container that will fit your spaces and also the kind of plants you want to grow. At Household Plastic we have a wide range of containers and pots to suit your needs

Choose your plants – just because your friend has Basil that is growing great by her kitchen door, doesn’t mean that it is the right plant for you, so don’t get stressed when you go to a nursery, make a list of the above factors, and ask an attendant what plants suit your conditions. It is a great idea to make a list of the plants you would like, and see if they are a good fit.

If you are planting a long trough, make sure the plants in the pot should all require the same amount of light and moisture. If you combine plants with different needs, some of them will not thrive.

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Gardening is Hard Work

Gardening is hard work and it often isn’t easy because it takes a lot of attention. You can do it on the cheap by growing seedlings and getting plants from friends, but just remember it can be expensive. Also no matter how skilled you are at gardening, some plants will thrive and others will not.

To have the most fun and to increase your chances of success with any kind of gardening, assess how you live before you dive in. No matter what the answer is, there are container gardens that will work with your lifestyle, you just have to get it right and put in the effort.

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Container Gardening in Flower Pots and Planters
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