Correct Way to Wear and Clean a Cloth Face Mask

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One of the tools most critical to our survival at the moment is to understand how to wear and clean a cloth face mask.

Life as we knew it pre Covid-19 is over. We are now going to have to face a new reality for the future or at least until the whole world has been vaccinated.

Social Distancing, Face Masks and Hand Cleansing

As we move into another phase – most of the country is likely to be on Lockdown Level 3 by June we must realise that social distancing, face masks, shields hand washing and sanitiser are likely to be key ingredients of our daily lives.

For many the restrictions of lockdown are painful emotionally and financially. But as we learn to live with Covid-19 and keep ourselves and our loved ones safe, restrictions will easier.

Please note these important facts from President Ramaphosa, address to the nation on 13 May 2020

“As it stands, there are 219 people in South Africa who have succumbed to this disease. By contrast, at a similar stage in the progression of the disease, the United States had recorded over 22 000 deaths and the United Kingdom over 19 000 deaths. The level of confirmed infections in South Africa is around 181 people per million of the population. By contrast, countries like the United States, the United Kingdom, Spain, Italy and Singapore have between 2 400 and 4 600 coronavirus cases per million people. It is significant that out of the 12 074 confirmed cases in South Africa, we have recorded 4 745 recoveries. “

The use of non-medical cloth face masks are one of the most important elements of protection.

Use of Cloth Face Masks

There are two reasons to wear a cloth face mask during Covid-19:

  • To protect yourself from being infected by droplets coughed up and sneezed in the air.
  • To prevent others from being infected by you. One of the sneakiest aspects of Covid-19 is that people can be totally a-symptomatic (with no symptons) and be very infectious.

The National Department of Health therefore recommends that everyone in South Africa should wear a cloth face-mask (also known as a non-medical mask) when in public. Commuters travelling in taxis and other forms of public transport, as well as people spending time in spaces where physical distancing is difficult to practice, are particularly encouraged to wear cloth face-masks.

Putting on, Taking off and Washing of Cloth Face Masks

A mask isn’t just a mask, and handling it incorrectly can be more dangerous than not wearing one at all. The management of mask wearing isn’t hard, it is just a new routine we need to learn and observe.

  • Never touch your mask on the outside once it is on your face and don’t pull your mask over your chin when your e wearing it. Don’t let it dangle from one ear. You are spreading contamination.
  • Always put the mask on correctly with clean hands and only remove it when you return home.
  • Remove by the loop/elastic and drop into your washing machine or into hot soapy water. Then wash your hands.

Watch the CNN experts demonstrate and explain how to wear and clean them cloth masks.

At Household Plastic we have face masks and shields, alcohol based hand sanitizer and spray bottles. We also have plenty of stationary and craft items available for home schooling and COVID-19 lockdown activities. We look forward to seeing you.

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Correct Way to Wear and Clean a Cloth Face Mask
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