Desk Drawers and Dresser Organization Tips

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Because they offer out of sight storage, drawers can often become the victims of disarray. Here are some helpful hints for keeping your desk drawers and dressers neat and organised.

Are you the frustrated owner of a very messy or overstuffed dresser? Do you look at the top drawer of your desk or dressing table in horror?  Don’t worry, organising all those drawers can be a quick and simple process with these easy tips.

Tidy and Accessible Drawer Strategy

Let’s start at the very beginning. Empty the drawers.

This is a general organising rule – it’s best not to try to reorganise the contents of your drawers while those contents are still inside the very drawers. It just makes sense. Always take everything out before you start to sort, rearrange, re-fold your clothes or organise your stuff.

Now that you have the content of your drawers on the floor, be ruthless – go through everything and make a decision what needs to go back into the drawer or dresser. Ask yourself if you would keep the items if you didn’t have a drawer or dresser to store it in. Just remove what you don’t use. Purge all the rubbish (old business cards, unmarked keys, empty ballpoint pens, paper clips).  At Household Plastic stock a range of black bin liners that are perfect for clearing out, so make sure you pick up some bags when you’re in our stores.

Test your resolve. Take the items you think you may still need but that are too big or too much to put in the new organised draw and put them in a plastic bag in a high cabinet or in a storage container. Mark the calendar and check the bag/container in two months. If you haven’t missed the contents by then, toss it.

Group the items by category – you don’t have to get so ocd that you store things alphabetically, but if you have socks, group the white, black, brown, coloured ones together.

Plenty of Drawer Organisers

There are a lot of choices when it comes to drawer organizers. You can go with a one-piece organizer or build a custom solution with modular pieces.  Household Plastic has a huge range of organisers for all sizes of drawers and spaces – ranging from wood to clear plastic and all colours and shapes in between.

A great tip is to have a template of your drawer/s when you are shopping. Cut a piece of newspaper to fit the drawer and bring it along to the store. Then you can shop for drawer inserts to help you puzzle together a close fit. It’s okay if the pieces don’t fill the space exactly; gaps can hold items like rulers.

And if you find your clothes frequently escape from their sections, try drawer dividers, plastic bins, or shoe boxes to keep them in line.

Making a rough calculation how best to split a small drawer, default to equal quadrants. Then sort by style or colour.

Drawer Organisers for Office

Drawer organizers for offices can be made of natural materials like woven fibers, fabric or wood since they will be less likely to be exposed to moisture, water or stains. Be sure to select organizers that reflect your personal style. Colourful organizers are a great way to add interest to a space that is used often.

A great tip for when you have many drawers, is to get creative with different coloured knobs, stickers, stencils pain so that you can quickly find the items you are looking for.

If you are the type who likes a bit of colour, why not line the inside of a drawer with wallpaper cut to fit. Attach with double-stick tape or removable mounting squares so the lining won’t shift. The strategy: Make the lining so pretty you’ll want to keep things neat so you can actually see it!

Like washing dishes, organizing your dresser or drawers gives you a sense of accomplishment—until you realize you have to do it again the next day. Ultimately, the best system of organization is the one you will use. So arrange your drawers in whatever setup makes it easier for you


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Desk Drawers and Dresser Organization Tips
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