DIY children’s games you can make at home

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Entertaining your little ones at home can be challenging but when rainy days and budget concerns make it difficult to leave the house every time you want to have fun, you have to find creative ways to make staying at home a great time.

Looking for some inspiration for children’s games you can make and enjoy at home?



a. Set up a drawing and/or painting station with paper, pens, paints and other colouring-in goodies. Encourage your children to get creative on their own or ask them to draw particular objects, their dream holiday, or a wish list for a big event.

b. Colourful blocks are a great distraction for children – watch them pass the time by building towers or structures. Challenge them to build the highest tower ever! No blocks? Use Tupperware or plastic containers.

c. Place different object on a plastic tray or platter base. Ask your children to memorise as many as they can. Cover the tray with a tea towel and then ask them to name the objects. A fun time and a good memory exercise.

d. Spend an afternoon baking with your children. A quick internet search will yield a wealth of child-friendly recipes. Plus, you’ll all have a treat once all the cleaning up is done.

e. Use tape to mark out a race track on your kitchen floor. Then bring your children’s toy cars to play in the space as you work around them.

f. If you don’t mind a little noise, most household items (especially those found in the kitchen) can be turned into musical instruments. Let your little ones have fun creating their own symphony and it won’t cost you a cent!


Have a garden? Whatever the weather, children love to be outdoors and, with a few simple changes to your outdoor space, your garden can provide hours of entertainment:

a. Fill a ball pit with plastic balls and soft plastic toys. Sunny skies? Add a hosepipe (and some adult supervision) and watch the laughs really get underway.

b. Play games on the lawn – soccer, kids’ basketball, rounders, and races don’t require much equipment to get some team spirit and healthy competition underway.

c. Take the musical ‘instruments’ from point 1 and attach them to a large board in your garden. Then let the children bang away to their hearts’ content.

d. Get together some plastic furniture and build a fort – let your children’s imaginations run wild as they design structures and make up games.

Many of these ideas and more can be achieved with simple, plastic products. And they don’t have to cost a fortune!

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DIY children’s games you can make at home
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