Exciting things to do with eggs

It’s crazy how much we actually use eggs. We can cook and bake with them
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It’s crazy how much we actually use eggs.

We can cook and bake with them. They are used in about any cooking prep and are more often that not used in the foundation of our favourite baked goods.

Here is a list of everything eggs. Some tricks and hacks to use in the kitchen.

Put an egg in a glass of water to see if it’s still good or not. If it floats then trash it, if it sinks then its good to go! We have the perfect deep bowls to do this in, just check out our kitchen range.

Use an eggshell to remover smaller shell pieces of out a cracked egg, it’s a lot less frustrating than using your fingers. Eggshells are a great addition to your compost.

Use our egg slicer for the perfect slices of eggs to add to your salad for some extra protein!

Did you know you can freeze your eggs before they go bad so you can use them later? We have egg storage containers perfect for this! Shop our kitchen range to find it.

Steam your eggs rather than boil them for easy to peel shells! Put a little bit of water in a pan then set the heat to high, when the water starts steaming put the egg you want to cook in the pot and then carefully cover the pot and turn off the heat. Leave it for 10 minutes and just like that it will be easier to peel!

Surprise your loved one with some perfect boiled eggs and display them in our cute daisy eggcups! Shop our range now.

A perfect  hard boiled egg isn’t difficult to make if you do it right.

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Exciting things to do with eggs
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