Get the kiddies ready for summer

It's time to get the kiddies ready for summer. After all, fun, free summer holidays are coming up and things will change around the house.
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It’s time to get the kiddies ready for summer. After all, summer holidays are coming up.

This time of year means its going to be a time to be free from routine for your kiddies and the words “I am bored” will repeatedly be said to you. We suggest the following:

Make a Splash

First things first, if you don’t own a pool, we suggest our inflatable pool. It’s easy to take on holiday with you and small enough to worry about the little kiddies drowning. Pack the sunscreen and let them have a blast!

Invest in some outdoor activities

Let the kiddies use all their energy outside and not on your furniture. We have basketball stands available, which is always a hit, buckets and spades and some jumbo building blocks. The jumbo building blocks also serve as an educational toy!

Purchase some colouring books

Be prepared for any rainy days. We have some great pencils and crayons available for days like this. We have puzzles available too.

Invite some friends over

and let them have a tea party outside. It’s a great way for them to interact with other kiddies during the holiday and keep busy. We have some cups and saucers available as well as some plastic chairs suitable for outdoors. In our kitchen range, we have great baking goodies, the kiddies can bake their own biscuits or make their own cupcakes! We have popsicle makers as well – perfect for hot summer days!

Invest in fun balls

Fun balls are always a favourite! They are bright, colourful and light. We have a pit available that you can fill with these balls. It will keep them busy for hours.

Let the kids get crafty

Give them a list of things to draw and make, it will keep them busy for hours. Pop into our Craft Section. We have a range of different scissors, stencils and crayons available.

The thing is to be prepared. At Household Plastic our kiddies range offers plenty of  goodies to keep your kids busy this holiday.

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Get the kiddies ready for summer
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