Handy Tips for an Awesome Summer Holiday Picnic

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What says holiday season more loudly and clearly than an awesome summer holiday picnic?

2020 has been a hard year for most people across the world due to Covid-19. Here in South Africa we are heading into the Festive Season as the Second Wave starts enveloping the country.  Family get-togethers will have to be scaled down as well as general festivities.

But, because picnics take place outside, they are a really great way to enjoy some form of get-together while still maintaining Covid precautions.

Time for New Memories

So it is time to create new memories and get your picnic game on. Really, there’s nothing better than spending a day relaxing outdoors with family and friends.


Location is first on the list. Where do you want to have the picnic? It seems like the beaches may be closed, but there are great places to picnic in and around Durban.

Durban also has many lovely public parks and reserves:

  • Durban Botanic Gardens
  • Beachwood Mangroves Nature Reserve
  • Kenneth Stainbank Nature Reserve
  • Paradise Valley Nature Reserve
  • Krantzkloof Nature Reserve
  • Japanese Gardens

However, the best picnics can be held in your garden, on a balcony, or at a friend’s place. If you have a bit of extra budget to have your picnic organised, contact Dial-a-Picnic.

Four things you need to get organised in order to have a successful picnic are, picnic equipment, picnic accessories, picnic food and braai stuff.

Take plenty of water.

Picnic Equipment

So what do you need to spend a lovely day outdoor? You need a blanket, some cushions maybe and some camping furniture – plastic chairs, folding table etc.

Don’t forget an umbrella in case you can’t find a shady spot.

Make sure you remember protection against the sun – sunscreen, hats … oh and insect repellent if needed.

Cleaning up after the picnic is important in order to leave the space in pristine order. A few large black bags are handy for this.

Don’t forget plenty of water! Household Plastic has a great selection of water containers with taps. They are also perfect for juice for the kids.

Tips. Pack a first aid kit to deal with minor scrapes, bumps, cuts and other issues.

Picnic Accessories

A picnic basket or two is handy.

Don’t forget the bottle/can opener.

Decide whether you are going to use disposable plates, glasses and utensils or if you are using your plastic or melamine crockery and cutlery.

And for sticky hands, pack in a roller towel, wet wipes, paper napkins.

You may need cutting boards and knives.

If you picnic a lot, keep a basket stocked with all the essentials so you can just basically grab it and go.

Tips.  Picnic baskets are handy because they are easy to pack and to carry. You can also use a clothes basket with handles – and don’t forget the coolers.

Picnic Food

Now this totally depends on what you enjoy eating at a picnic. One good way to start off the picnic is with chips and dips and crudités like celery, carrots, broccoli, cucumber and cauliflower. Humus, tzatziki, olive tapenade and other Mediterranean dips are popular.

Pita breads and/or Rotis are great alternatives to sandwiches; they can be prepped beforehand and generally don’t go soggy from the ingredients which means that everyone can dig in as soon as you set up your picnic.

If you a looking for finger food ideas, think along the lines of  chicken wings, drumsticks, nuggets, samoosas or even boerie rolls (pre-cooked or braaied there).

Summer fruit and berries make for a great desert.

The Braai

For many people, a picnic is just not the same without a braai.

Have a look at the following braai stories:

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Tips. Keep the food simple. Prep as much as you can ahead of time at home. Pasta salads, especially ones that aren’t dairy based, are great picnic food as they pack and travel well.

The upcoming public holidays are a perfect time to get the whole family outdoors and active.  Best of all, you can explore the parks and beautiful open spaces of your city while spending quality time with friends and loved ones, making lasting memories with great food.

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Handy Tips for an Awesome Summer Holiday Picnic
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