Indoor Activities for Toddlers

It is not easy keeping kids entertained all day – and it is probably not necessary. But it is always handy to have a few indoor activities in the bag for when you need them.
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It is not easy keeping kids entertained all day – and it is probably not necessary. But it is always handy to have a few indoor activities in the bag for when you need them.

A wide range of indoor activities for toddlers are great to have on hand especially when the weather isn’t so great.  We know that the little ones get bored easily and often need some extra hands-on attention.

Don’t let them guilt you into entertaining them 24/7 – it is essential that little children learn to play on their own as well, to develop an imagination.

Some of these indoor activities for toddlers are almost as much fun for the adults and many will help develop much needed fine motor skills.

Cardboard Box Creations

We all have cardboard boxes lying around, so get going and create. Scissors or box cutters (handled by the adult) some tape and marker pens can be handy. (Stickers, stamps and any other writing implements can be used.

Let the imaginations flow. A box can be anything: a train, ramps for cars, an airplane, a house.

If the box is big enough the little ones and sit inside the box and decorate them.  Cardboard boxes inspire creativity and imagination as children transform and reinvent them into something else. It could be exploring imaginary places such as turning the box into an imaginary item such as a pirate ship or castle, the ideas are endless.

Create a Necklace

Create a necklace, toddler style! Use a piece of string (a shoestring works well because of the hard end) and something to thread on it. Big beads would be great. But other items such as straws or large pasta noodles work too. This would be a great fine motor activity. The necklace could be a choking hazard, so supervise them when they are wearing it.

Walk the Line

Tape a line on the floor in different ways (zig zag, curvy or straight) with masking tape and have a toddler walk along it, trying to balance their best. Can they do it forward, how about walking backward? Another fantastic gross motor activity that can be done indoors.

Circle the Object

It is time to exercise the object-noun association skills of the toddler with this indoor activity.

You will need some old magazines, especially ones with pictures of objects or animals. You will also need felt pens or stickers. The object of this game is for the toddler to page through the magazine and identify (by circling or by a sticker) all dogs, or cars or any selected object.

Toilet Roll Cardboard Fun

Old toilet paper roll cardboards are boredom-busters in many fun-filled indoor activities for a toddler. For awesome ideas take a look at 25 {Incredible} Toilet Paper Roll Crafts

Paper Bag Masks

Let your toddler get crafty with glue and paper and make a paper bag mask! Decorate it however they please.

What you need: paper bag, scrap pieces of paper, glue, and scissors (or rip the paper)

A good way to start is to put the paper bag over a toddler’s head and mark where the eyes are. And if the bags are long, cut a half oval on the shoulders.  They can decorate the masks with scraps of paper, markers, crayons or whichever way they please.

Scavenger Hunt

Everybody knows how a scavenger hunt works – similar to an Easter Egg hunt. With toddlers you can do it in a few ways – you can just hide a few objects around the house and send them off with a bag or basket to collect them; you can give them matching objects that they need to collect or you can leave them clues.

Send your toddler on a scavenger hunt around the house. Hide items just like you would eggs. And let them look for them. Add learning to it if they’re ready.

Sandpaper Colouring

This Colouring on Sandpaper Activity for Toddlers might seem like an odd activity, but it serves a variety of purposes.

First of all, this activity provides a new texture experience for toddlers. Secondly, more force must be used to get the crayon to colour on the rough texture which helps encourage a proper grasp on the crayon.

Balloon Hockey

This can be plenty of fun, so put away breakables and ornaments before you let loose. All you need to do is blow up a couple of balloons and hand out plastic fly swatters to all the participants.  Then the game is on and everybody can go around hitting the balloons around the room.

If the kids are feeling a bit competitive, set up a goal area and let them score or have a contest to see how long you can keep the balloons from touching the ground.

The most important thing about activities for toddlers is to use your imagination. You don’t have to spend a lot of money on educational toys if you just use a bit of creativity and time. These activities are super easy to set up and with supplies I’m sure you’ll have on hand! And activities your toddler can actually do.

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Indoor Activities for Toddlers
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