Keep Safe and Enjoy your Fun in the Sun

Summer holidays are a time for family and friends and for fun in the sun. But while we are having fun, we need to keep safe.
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Summer holidays are a time for family and friends and for fun in the sun. But while we are having fun, we need to keep safe.

Going for a swim is a great way to beat the heat and get some exercise. If you’re tired of just swimming laps, it’s time to kick up the fun and enjoyment.

Warnings for Summertime

Before we talk about fun let’s get the warnings spelled out clearly:

  • wear sunscreen and/or protected clothing if you are out in direct sunlight
  • stay out of the sun for the hottest part of the day between 12 – 2
  • make sure you are hydrated – drink plenty of water
  • take special care of the aged, small children and pets in the heat

One thing about Durban is that there are plenty of ways to enjoy the beautiful weather and the long hot summer days over the Holiday Season. For some the best way to spend the day is to find a cool breeze and just chill in the shade and catch up with some reading.

Heading for the Water

But the little ones will certainly want to head for the water – the beach, a pool or even a blow up pool in your garden.

For those who want to go to the beach – buckets and spades and sand castle building equipment is a requirement. Any kind of ball can also get kids making new friends on the beach and keep the happiness going.

Blow up Pool at Home

A great way to keep infants and toddlers cool is a blow up pool. But don’t ever leave them unattended – children can drown easily even in shallow water.  If you have very small children and  you want to teach all about cooling off while splashing around in a blow up pool, it is a good idea to inflate the pool and add water an hour or so before the kids jump in – give the sun a bit of time to warm the tap water a little.

Pool Toys, Lilos and other Inflatables

For those with pools, all kinds of fun and games and floating devices are essential. Swimming pools provide a wonderful place and opportunity for fun times: playing with your kids, throwing pool parties, engaging with friends or even just having fun exercising or relaxing by the pool. With a swimming pool in your backyard, you can ensure a lifetime of fun times and memories.

Stay Cool in your Pool

When summer is in full swing and temperatures are high, swimming is a fun way to stay cool. The close proximity of the pool to your house will give your children a space to play while you are still watching over their safety. Pools are a good investment and after the initial outlay they offer an affordable activity for families.

Pool Safety

A warning for people with private pools –   according to the South African Bureau of Standards, a fence is no longer good enough – too many kids are drowning. Pools should also have a professionally installed, child proof safety net.

Teach your kids to swim and teach them pool safety and make sure that the pool is either out of bounds or supervised at all times.

Ensure that your fun in the sun time is safe and happy. Enjoy the Festive Season!

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Keep Safe and Enjoy your Fun in the Sun
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