Keep your Cameras Safe from Humidity in an Airtight Dry Box

The best way to protect your camera equipment from humidity are these Super Lock Acrylic Camera Boxes. They also won't empty your wallet.
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An airtight Dry Box or Dry cabinet is the best way to protect your camera equipment from humidity, but if you need budget protection, these Super Lock Acrylic Camera Boxes are a great option.

For those of us who live in dryer climates humidity can be a mysterious factor to account for when traveling. For those who live in Durban, humidity is part of our daily lives, especially the exhausting humidity during the late summer months.

Most cameras lack protection, increasing the risk of catastrophic equipment failure if exposed to too much moisture.

It is important to store your cameras in the driest possible place, preferably in an airtight, clear container (a dry box) with small bags of moisture-absorbing silica gel.

Camera Lens Fungus

It is true, camera lenses can get fungus because of moisture trapped inside or on the surface of the camera. The fungus, as it grows, almost looks like a small spider web on the interior surface of the lens. This can be prevented if you keep your camera equipment safe and dry.

Airtight Camera Boxes

These super strong camera boxes are airtight. The tight lock on the lid gives your camera and lenses complete protection with the handle able to hold 10 kgs. Available in 2 sizes – 8 500 ml (R229.00) & 10 000 ml (R250.00) – the boxes have sponge cushioning inside for added protection and can withstand temperatures between -20 to 120 degrees Celsius. Get this quality Thai product from one of our four stores.

Don’t Leave your Camera in the Box

Having a dry box, however, does not mean you should leave your camera in storage for long periods. You should take it out of the box regularly, like once a month, if you do not plan on using it for weeks or months. This will help make sure that the camera is still working well, and that dust has not gathered around it.

Tips to Keep Moisture out of your Camera

Not all cameras have the same level of weather protection. So you need to understand how to protect your camera against humidity

  • Use desiccant packets – (moisture-absorbing silica gel). These little packets are often found in new product shipments to absorb moisture
  • Keep moisture out of the camera body – If keeping one lens on your camera is not possible think about keeping a teleconverter / tele-extender on your camera body at all times ensuring that no moisture enters your body when changing lenses
  • Keep sensitive equipment in Ziploc bags. While not perfect, keeping sensitive equipment in Ziploc bags can also reduce the negative effects of high humidity
  • Minimize lens changes.
  • Avoid fogged lenses
  • Regularly wipe down your equipment
  • When not in use, store your cameras in a clear, moisture proof container
  • Use a Dry Box Storage Container
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Keep your Cameras Safe from Humidity in an Airtight Dry Box
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