Keeping Kids Entertained at Home During the Coronavirus Shutdown

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Keeping kids entertained at home is not easy. At present in South Africa the coronavirus shutdown is not yet a lockdown, so we still have time to prepare.

With kids being cooped up at home while school is closed, playdates are cancelled and many parks are off limits, finding structure and fun activities at home to keep them occupied is important.

But it is more than just keeping the little ones active. Because we care so much for our kids we want to make sure they’re all right during this time of uncertainty while parents are stressing and many are trying to work from home.

Keeping kids in a routine is important. Plan a daily schedule for them with some learning and some fun activities. Older kids can help you plan their schedule. And remember, just because your children are home from school, doesn’t mean they should be allowed to sleep for as long as they want or watch TV all day.

Cooking and Baking for Kids

Let the kids be helpful and contribute to running the home by helping them to cook and bake. It is easy to make bread from scratch or bake cookies.

We know that measuring out ingredients, for example, can teach kids how to follow instructions. And the happy little faces you will see when the whole family enjoys their efforts makes the extra cleaning up worthwhile. Take a look at our Silicone Bakeware.

Here are some easy kid-friendly recipes you can try together.

Craft Activities

It is not so hard to make or build fun things. Parents can get creative with stuff they already have at home like tape, paper, egg cartons, cardboard from toilet paper rolls, and more. Don’t always dictate to them what to do – spread some newspaper and put a collection of materials in front of them it’s also important to let kids use their imagination and try new things.

Other activities recommended by parents:

  • Video chatting with friends or family
  • Watching educational videos on YouTube
  • Exercising – follow a video or go for a walk. You can also keep them active when indoors by having jumping, skipping, dancing sessions – it will tire them out and give you a bit of a workout too.
  • Make a fort at home
  • Have kids put on a puppet show or talent show
  • Play board games or card games
  • Have kids do online art classes
  • Have a movie marathon
  • Create a treasure hunt for kids
  • Have a photo shoot and create a photo collage
  • Do gardening
  • Make home videos
  • Build a puzzle
  • Have a singing or dancing competition

Craft Ideas from our Archives

Here are some of the craft-realted articles from our archives. You just need one trip to our Household Plastic stores to stock up with craft supplies that will keep you and the kids busy for a long time.

Two Easy Holiday Crafting Ideas for Kids

Spread the love. Ready for some holiday crafting with the kids? Well Household Plastic has a huge variety of affordable arts and crafts supplies, from pipe cleaners and pom-poms, to craft paper, paints, glues and glitter.

Besides keeping the little ones occupied, crafting at home is all about making memories. Read more.

Paper Crafts for Kids of all Ages

The possibilities for paper crafts for kids are endless. Not only are these activities creative and educational, they can also be fun for the whole family.

Jump-start your child’s creativity with these simple crafts made from all varieties of colourful paper. Read more.

#Arts&Crafts – Lists of Craft Supplies to get Started

Getting involved in arts and crafts usually happens early in life. Most children are taught to paint and draw before they even write. For some this creative pursuit becomes a process of lifelong learning. It is sad that so many people forget how much they enjoyed arts and crafts; how much they learned from it and also how good they were.

Crafters seem to source kinds all kinds of materials and supplies in the most unusual places, so we complied a few lists to make things easier for those who want to get started to make beautiful handmade decorations and gifts.

By the way, you are missing out if you haven’t checked the crafts sections in our stores! Read More.

Easy Origami to keep your Kids Happy

Do your kids enjoy folding paper, making origami crafts? Well here are a few hints and tips for your creative kids to keep them busy and happy.

Origami is a fun art of making creative things by folding papers. Your child can learn to make different artifacts like animals, flowers, trees and boxes by using simple techniques of easy origami for kids.

Although it looks almost impossible, your kid can enjoy this craft activity without the extensive use of glue and scissors. Read more.

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Keeping Kids Entertained at Home During the Coronavirus Shutdown
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