Keeping the Family Home Tidy – a few Tips and Tricks

Keeping the Family Home Tidy – a few Tips and Tricks
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In an attempt to keep the family home tidy, let’s start with a quick list of easy tasks.

  • Be happy with “Clean Enough”
  • Prioritise and Organise
  • Get the whole family involved and make it easy for them to comply
  • Place waster paper baskets and laundry hampers in strategic spots
  • Give the kids a toy box/container and make it their responsibility to pick up toys

A Clean and Tidy Home

Keeping a clean and tidy home is less about the time involved, and more about creating some good habits that you all start to just follow instinctively.

Most of us have busy family homes, with kids and pets so it is not realistic to try to keep it all in perfect order all day long.

And no matter how much you plan and organise, there will be times that things get crazy.

Planning makes it Easier

Mother doesn’t have to behave like a drill sergeant, barking orders all the time. A bit of organisation and planning is all it takes. Make it easy for the family to be tidier. Create a Schedule; allocate chores and put it up in a prominent place.

The first priority is to keep the dirt away.

Try accomplishing these tasks to prevent messes from getting out of control:

  • Make your bed
  • Put dirty clothes in hamper or washing basket
  • Do a load of laundry when you have enough dirty clothes
  • Wipe countertops after preparing meals
  • Wash dishes (or load dishwasher
  • Spend 10 minutes picking up and putting away clutter
  • Wipe out the kitchen and bathroom sinks

Don’t Put it Down; Put it Away!

In some shape or form this is probably one of the most repeated phrases that come from any mother’s mouth in an attempt to keep the family home tidy. Household Plastic has a great selection of baskets, containers, bins, buckets, tubs, totes and organisers to make your life so much easier.

Do the Kitchen Every Day

Firstly, the kitchen needs to be kept sorted on a daily basis. Everyone needs to pitch in. Children can learn to empty and fill the dishwasher. Have a daily/weekly rota to cut down on the rows about who does what. Filling the dog’s water bowl and food dish, as well as sweeping the floor when the meal is finished, can be added to the daily/weekly rota.

It can take a bit of time to get a routine going, but once everyone is involved, the routine will become quicker.

Make Tidying a Habit

The bathroom and sitting room cleaning do not need to be tackled on a daily basis. However, cleaning and tidying are two completely different jobs.

Once the place is tidy, cleaning is much easier to tackle. So keep the tidying to a daily basis and then the cleaning to a weekly time slot.

Insist that children look after their own belongings. The sitting room is a family room, to be used by all, not just a toy room for them.

Keeping the home organised and tidy is not an impossible task. Just remember failing to put away your belongings is the main culprit of untidiness. As you move from one room to another, do a quick scan to see if there’s anything that you can take with you.

Organisation and routine can make all this easy! Just do it!

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Keeping the Family Home Tidy – a few Tips and Tricks
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