Kiddies Play Time

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When you think of kiddies play time you think of laughter and happiness. But we understand how to make learning fun.

You may think you are just buying your kiddies a toy but we’ve learnt that some of our toys have educational benefits!

Educational Toys

Young children learn best through play experiences that add meaning to them. Some toys encourage children to think independently and identify problems. Education toys make learning fun for your kiddies.

These toys make children want to learn and discover new things everyday. It provides the opportunity to learn, think and enjoy all the same time.

At Household Plastic Toys we have a wise selection of educational toys that can help your child learn:

Kids blocks

The colorful building blocks set challenges for kids, by challenging their ability to motivate them to build shapes and create patterns they see fit according to their imagination. The blocks help with problem solving with logical thinking while also using some imagination. They are able to build all sorts of things while having fun doing it!


Puzzles are classic activity for kids of all ages! Puzzles present problem solving skills. Puzzles challenge the kids mind and make them think and make connections.

We sources some great reading matter for more tips on educational toys and activities for your kids.

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Kiddies Play Time
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