Learn How to Make Great Tea in A Thermos Flask

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Thermos flasks or hot bottles have become part of our lives, especially when Loadshedding gets going. We are also big tea drinkers, so let’s see how we can learn to make a great cup of tea in a flask.

Let’s face it, nobody really enjoys that weird flask taste in tea. Don’t stress, you can make fresh tea in a thermos flask and enjoy a good brew!

However, it’s worth noting that this often this aftertaste has nothing to do with the condition of the milk or any of the other ingredient used to make the tea. On the contrary, it has everything to do with how the brew is prepared inside the thermos.

Making Tea in a Thermos

Making tea in a thermos is straightforward. Simply add the hot water, the ingredients, swirl or stir the thermos to blend everything well, and enjoy.

Part of the secret is to keep the liquid as hot as you can for as long as you can. That is why it helps to first rinse the thermos with very hot water just before you brew your tea.

Why Does Thermos Tea Often go Bad?

This is an essential first step to understanding how thermos tea goes “bad.” Some ingredients are notorious for reacting badly to a thermos and unfortunately, these additives are loved by some because they make tea taste great.

Try to avoid adding the fresh variety of cinnamon, ginger or garlic and the tea bags flavoured like them.

However, a lot of people have found that their tea remains tasty – even with these additives – when they switch their old thermos for a high-quality flask.

Black Tea

Making black tea in a thermos flask is a straightforward process.

  •  Place the tea bag inside the thermos flask.
  •  Boil some water and add the hot water to the flask.
  •  Depending on your preference, you can add sugar at this point and mix by swirling the tea for approximately 30 seconds. Use a long spoon or gently roll the flask between your palms to swirl the water.

For the best results, always use very hot water. This way, you eliminate the need to swirl the thermos flask for the tea to mix completely. You can also mix everything in a separate cup with a spout before pouring the liquid into the flask.

By the way, black Rooibos works great in a thermos.

How To Make White Tea in A Thermos Flask?

Making white tea in a thermos flask is a little different.

  •     Boil the water in a pan or electric kettle.
  •     Carefully pour the hot water into the flask.
  •     Add your desired amount of milk.
  •     Add the teabag.
  •     At this point, you can also add your desired amount of sugar.
  •     Mix for a couple of minutes.

Following this procedure to make white tea can help you to avoid a strange-tasting cup of tea.

Cleaning The Flask Also Keeps Tea Tasting Fresh

Practising good cleaning habits will go a long way to keep tea inside of a thermos safe for consumption and also tasty. Very often, the preparation method is not to blame when the tea has an off-taste. Sometimes, dirt or other residues inside the thermos flask can cause the contents to develop a strange taste.

For this reason, it is essential to clean the flask after every use. If your flask came with a user manual, follow those instructions but otherwise just give it a good rinse with some dish washing liquid and water (make sure that no dish washing residues remain behind).

Also, allow the flask to dry properly before you close the lid and store it. A moist interior could also cause a bad taste the next time you make some tea.

Drink The Tea As Soon As Possible

A few facts about thermos tea:

  • Tea isn’t meant to be stored perfectly tasty and piping hot in any flask for very long.
  • A clean flask will also keep the thermos fresh.
  • Always prepare tea inside a thermos with care.
  • Avoid spilling the boiling water on yourself or someone near you.

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Learn How to Make Great Tea in A Thermos Flask
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