Making Magic on the Braai with a Reusable Braai Grill Mat

Making Magic on the Braai with a Reusable Braai Grill Mat
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People call it a Braai Mat, a Braai Grill Mat, Barbeque Mat and a Sizzle Mat but no matter what it is called, this new accessory actually gives you the convenience of your kitchen on your braai.

These mats that look a bit like a place mat or a cutting mat are reusable and non-stick. And yes, you actually put it on the grill and cook on it. (It works on coal, electric or gas fires)

South Africans Love to Braai

Here in South Africa we all love a braai – the camaraderie of eating together around a fire; the smoky smell and the warmth of companionship are part of our lifestyle. But for those who have to clean up afterwards, the chore is unpleasant and messy.

When you braai at home it is easy to keep your grill clean- a stiff wire brush will do the trick. But when you go to the park or beach or camping or on a trip to a game park, you never know how clean the braai grill is; you don’t know who cooked there last and what they cooked.  When you have a braai mat, you have none of these worries. And braai gril mats are really easy to clean with soap and hot water or in the dishwasher.

So if you are tired of having a messy braai, use a non-stick grill mat. You can even make your breakfast directly on the grill – including eggs.

Braai Mats are Great for Vegans and Vegetarians

Vegetarians will be delighted to be able to cook delicious veggies on the braai on a grill mat. You can cook a much wider range because they won’t fall into the fire. This way you can enjoy the wonderful smoky barbeque flavours with perfectly cooked veggies. And most importantly for Vegetarian or Vegans, you can ensure that no meat fat or grease taints your vegetables.

People who have religious issues with contamination of various products like the Muslim and Jewish communities can cook on a braai mat knowing that their food is safe and untainted.

Become a Braaimaster with a Braaimat

Braai masters cook over glowing coals. We see the perfectly cooked meat on television programs – juicy and tasty. But most home – braaiers are not that accomplished (or lucky). They have issues with flares from the fire which scorches and chars the meat. To not even mention the way the marinades and sauces to the cake onto the grill.

The braai sheet works well on a gas grill, electric grill or over the coals, but should not be used over an open flame (wait for fire to become coals before using). It can work for temperatures up to 260C.

Advantages of Using a Braai Mat

  • Keeps Flavours: These grill mats will keep your food’s nutrition and original flavours.
  • Perfect for any grill: Including as charcoal, electric, oven, Weber, porcelain, microwave and so on.
  • Cut any size: These grill mats (400mm x 500mm) can be cut to any size or shape to fit your braai’s needs.
  • Reusable: With proper care these mats are reusable for years. Simply clean by placing them in a dishwasher
  • Safe: These grill mats are made from premium heat resistant PTFE-Fiberglass coating and contain no PFOA, silicone, or other harmful chemicals.

Celebrate Braai Day by buying yourself a Braai Mat from one of your four stores. We also have grills, Jaffel makers and braai tools and much more.

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Making Magic on the Braai with a Reusable Braai Grill Mat
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