Organise your Garage – Four Types of Plastic Boxes

When we talk about organising your garage, we are talking about good plastic- the kind that is perfect for storage in Durban’s hot and humid climate.
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When we talk about how to organise your garage, we are talking about good plastic- the kind that is perfect for storage in Durban’s hot and humid climate.

In Durban, wood rots and gets full of borer; metal rusts and cardboard just disintegrates – but strong, durable plastic keeps your possessions safe and well organised.

We know that organising your garage isn’t a one-size-fits-all project, but we can offer a few hints and tips and suggest four types of plastic boxes you can use that will make a big difference.

Plastic Storage Bins

Plastic storage bins are one of the great garage storage systems around to separate and organize your overflow. Pack away books or clothing not needed or all those old toys the kids don’t play with anymore, and make your home more spacious and liveable.

At Household Plastics we have a wide range of shapes, sizes and colours. If you want to see the content, get a clear plastic box; if you want to separate them by colour, go multi-colours and if you just want a strong, secure container, you cannot do better than our heavy duty black bins. Some of the plastic storage bins have wheels to make moving them easier.


Most people have some kind of emotional connection to their toolbox, it as if it is an extension of themselves.

But all agree, that to keep order in home, tools need to always be returned to the toolbox after use because we all know the crisis when we need a pair of pliers or a Phillips screwdriver urgently and they aren’t in the toolbox where they belong.

A messy toolbox makes for a messy job. If you’ve got a greasy, grimy, and altogether disorganized toolbox, clean it up and make your work whole lot easier.

Like with any other storage container, it is a good idea to clean up and clean out every so often.

What also helps is to get a new toolbox that is just right for you – not too big or too small. One that accommodates all your tools and fits nicely into a space allocated to it.

Plastic Cabinets and Cupboards

Garages and laundries need cupboards – that is a fact.  Somehow they never seem to think of that when planning or building them.  Who couldn’t do with an extra lockable cupboard in the garrage? Take a look at these storage units/cabinets that are easy to transport, will fit into any garage/ laundry or on a patio … and are easy on the pocket.

Fishing Tackle Box

For many Durban people their fishing tackle box is even more precious than their toolbox. Like the cool box, the fishing tackle box is a faithful companion every weekend that is always exposed to salt and water and sand. In order to last it needs to be durable.

Of course one can get very specialised fishing tackle boxes for lures, predator carp and all kinds of fishing accessories.

Household Plastics has it All

Pop in at one of our four stores and take a look at all the affordable garage organising solutions. You may just be inspired to revamp your garage during this holiday season.

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Before you tackle any DIY project, come to one of our four stores and take a look at the toolboxes, tackle boxes, containers, and a huge range of DIY, storage and organising products we have.

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Organise your Garage – Four Types of Plastic Boxes
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