Painting and Decorating Paper Plates

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Is lockdown getting you down? Are you running out of ideas to keep the kids occupied? Time to get busy painting and decorating paper plates.

Make this a family activity. Get the kids and granny  to help you gather some goodies around the house – like all the craft supplies, scissors, paints and pens, scraps of fabric, glue, flitter etc and declare a family contest for the most creative paper plate.

Paper Plate crafts are a great way for the family to gather together and share some fun creative time. You don’t need much – some paper plates, of course to start with – the plain white ones are best, but any paper plates will do.

Decorative Materials

You can use practically anything you find around the house to decorate your plates:

  • Pens, cokis, crayons
  • Scraps of paper or material
  • Glue, scissors
  • Pom poms, glitter, tissue paper, cellophane etc
  • Dry pasta
  • Dry leaves

One of the best things about decorating paper plates is that you can make it fit for any age group – from ideas easy enough for toddlers to do, through to older kids, parents and other adults.

Let us look at some examples for inspiration.  How about this paper plate crocodile?

What you need to make this Crocodile

2 paper plates + 1 optional for eyes

white and red sheet of paper (or red colour)

pink and green colour

black marker

glue, scissors, pencil

If you need more direction, or even a video, take a look at Paper Plate Crocodile

Here are some more fun paper plate projects from the Internet

Artsy Chickens for senior crafters (or smart kids)

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Directions at Preschool Crafts for Kids

Bunny Mask

Use a paper plate and some craft cupboard bits and pieces to make a cute bunny mask – perfect for Easter!

Directions at ActivityVillage

Paper Plate Roses

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Painting and Decorating Paper Plates
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