Reusable Chalkboard Wall Stickers and Labels are Very Handy

They are called decorative chalkboard wall stickers or blackboard labels or blackboard vinyl and they are the latest craze.
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They are called decorative chalkboard labels or blackboard stickers or blackboard vinyl and they are the latest craze.

These reusable stickers that come in all shapes and sizes have one thing in common – they have a blackboard-like surface. In other words one can write or draw on them with chalk.

Blackboard wall stickers are innovative and functional and many say they are the new must-have wall décor. All you need to do is write with chalk, erase and repeat.

Kids Love the Blackboard Wall Stickers

Most of them have an adhesive back, so they can stick on anywhere – doors, walls, books – wherever your young Picasso wants to make their mark.

If you have little ones who like to draw on the walls, make it “legal”. Stick the blackboard surface where they like to play and put a box of coloured chalk in their hands. Show them where they can draw and think of how wonderful it will be to not have to struggle to remove all those ink and crayon artworks on your doors and walls.

Chalkboard Speech Bubbles

Chalkboard stickers are not only for kids. Have you seen the Chalkboard Speech bubbles? They are such fun for scrap books or family photo albums.

The chalkboard sticker labels will warm any crafter’s heart. These are various shaped reusable labels you can stick on any glass bottle or jar.

Picture it, this is a great way to upcycle your old glassware and mason jars and transform them into stylish storage vessels in your kitchen or bathroom. These stickers make organizing fun!

And if you are someone who enjoys gifting delicious jams, preserves or bath and body goodies – these classy stick on labels will give your product the finishing touch.

Pantry Organizing Made Easy

Pantry organising has never been so easy. The stickers will stick onto any smooth surface, just peel and stick then write on with chalk and wipe off with a damp cloth.

These vinyl wall art stickers can also be used on glass surfaces, cupboards, appliances, and tiles as long as the surface is smooth and clean.

Blackboard wall stickers can be used for educational purposes, taking notes or just endless fun. Perfect for kids’ bedrooms, playrooms, classrooms, offices, kitchens or any room in the house.

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Reusable Chalkboard Wall Stickers and Labels are Very Handy
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