Spring Gardening Tips from our Blog

If you haven’t started your spring gardening yet, it is not too late to make a list and go out to the local nursery and get everything you need.
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If you haven’t started your spring gardening yet, it is not too late to make a list of what you need and go out to the local nursery (and of course your nearest Household Plastic) and get everything you need.

Watering cans, pots, planters, spray bottles – if you haven’t got them, get them now and get your hands into the dirt.

Prepare your Spring Garden

Spring is the best time to start a new garden or spruce up and old one.

If your garden if big, first tidy up flower beds and borders and get them back to bare soils. Before you begin planting your garden will love a layer of organic matter like manure, compost to give it a kick start.

September is the best month to plant trees and shrubs. Not only do they offer colour and scent, but they also attract birds and butterflies to your garden.

Many of the flowers that bloom in spring are plants that reappear annually. They offer vibrant colour and diversity in form and texture. Perennials can be grown in mixed borders or as fillers, in containers. Most perennials need well-drained soil and sunshine.

Herbs and Vegetables

Herbs and vegetables are natural companions. Remember to keep lettuce and other more delicate herbs and veggies out of the direct sun.

Tomatoes can be a bit overwhelming for a garden bed. They grow all over the place, but you can plant a tomato bush in a large pot (about 20 liter) and train it up a trellis or pyramid. The small cherry tomato ‘Sweety’ is particularly good in pots. Try chillies and eggplant in pots as well.

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Growing Vegetables in Pots and Containers

Not all of us have garden space but many enjoy gardening, and harvesting fresh produce. Growing veggies in containers may be the perfect way to achieve both aims.

With a few pots and containers you can transform your balcony, courtyard or patio in a kitchen garden practically overnight. Read more.

Durban Gardens – Getting Ready for Spring

In Durban we don’t really have much of a winter, but if you are a gardener, July is a good time to get ready for spring.  Even if you have an established garden, there are going to be tasks and projects that need to be done before the days start warming up. Read more.

Growing Herbs in Pots and Containers at Home

Always wanted to grow your own herbs at home, but don’t have space? It is much easier than you think to grow herbs in containers and plant pots, both inside and out.

Most people dream of picking their own herbs, right from their windowsill or patio to the dinner plate, but they don’t know where to begin. So for all new gardeners, outdoor gardeners or even those that have a little bit of experience, let us help you master your own indoor gardening easily and quickly. Read More.

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Spring Gardening Tips from our Blog
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