Things you can do with Glitter Glue

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One of the most popular arts and crafts products is glitter glue, which comes in all colours.

It is exactly what it sounds to be. Glitter glue which comes in a variety of colours can be used on many textures. It can also be used on fabrics like denim, cotton and polyester, but generally does not set well on silk.

Ideal for creating sparkly-effect drawings and decorations, this glitter glue can be used like a normal pen. Practical, fun and original, the glue is available in different colours, including gold and silver

Types of Glitter Glue

There are typically two types of glitter glue. There is the traditional glitter glue that comes in a bottle with a small tip. This is best used for children’s crafts and easy-to-complete projects.

Glitter glue also comes in dried sticks for use in hot glue guns.

What to Look For

When purchasing glitter glue look for a nontoxic brand that dries clear. Some glitter glue will dry white, making the glitter difficult to see; clear-drying glue will make the glitter more visible.

On the back of the label, look for a list of what the glue can be used on.

Smart Art Tips for using Glitter Glue

Using Glitter Glue on Fabric

Glitter glue can be used on most fabrics such as denim, cotton and polyester, but generally does not set well on silk.

Drying Time

Don’t touch the glue until you are certain it’s dry. Read the back of the bottle to get an idea for drying times. Glitter glue may have different drying times on different fabrics. Add an additional hour or two before touching to make sure the glue is truly dry.

Depending on the application and atmospheric conditions, most types of glitter glue take approximately 30 minutes to 24 hours to dry.

Glue for Glitter

If you don’t want to use glitter glue, but you want to stick glitter onto something, you can probably use the glue you have in your home. You can use your good old white glue, but be sure to test first. Some glitters will bleed a bit into the glue.

If you want to use a common inexpensive glue, see if you can find one that dries clear. If not, find a glue that is specifically made to attach glitter to all kinds of surfaces.

Make your own Glitter Glue

Take a look at this recipe for homemade glitter glue.

Paint can Work

Paint can be a great adhesive for glitter if you don’t want to use glue. It can also save you a lot of money when your base coat your project the same color as your glitter.

The way you use paint as an adhesive is to lay down a coat of paint (not too thin and certainly not super thick). If you put it on too thick you might need to wait for it to dry a bit so your glitter does not slip off.

Once your paint is on, you simply sprinkle, blow, drop… your glitter onto the wet paint. You might want to press the glitter down a bit if you are using larger flakes.

Whether you are an experienced crafter of a newbie, have fun and why not take glitter glue to an entirely new level?

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Things you can do with Glitter Glue
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