Time to Spring Clean

A visit to our stores will equip you and get you in the mood.
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A visit to our stores will equip you and get you in the mood.

We know that spring-cleaning is really something you have to get in the zone for.

There is no better feeling than coming home to a clean house organized from top to bottom. So put on an apron or some old clothes, turn on some music and set out the cleaning supplies for the day. We’ll provide you with some inspiration and some tricks and tools for the day.

First things first, make sure you have a bucket and cloth! We have a 1lt and 25lt bucket, perfect for any amount of dirt. Start with washing the windows, windowsills, ceiling fans and if you have time – maybe some walls that have some dirt marks on them! Did you know we also have a glass washer? Perfect for washing the windows! Shop our range

Dust and Clean

Dust the shelves and tables throughout the house.

Move to the kitchen and clean all the appliances clean the fridge of unnecessary items and reorganize the pantry. We have great storage bins for small storage and big. Store some jams and jelly’s in our containers, or even some appliances that you only use occasionally in our bigger boxes! Shop the range

How’s the bathroom looking? Our bathroom often accumulates the most dirt, especially if it isn’t maintained. How is the shower curtain looking? If it has seen better days, replace it! It will give the room a new look. We have one available in our bathroom category.

Sweep and Mop

Once you’ve gone through all the rooms, do the last things on the list: sweep and mop.

We have a great range of brooms available for outdoor and indoor. Brush the hard dirt off with our iron scrub, and mop the rest with our mop.

Remember to throw away anything that isn’t serving a purpose anymore. Make sure you reward yourself after all your hard work. Get a cake, read a book, make some tea, whatever your choice.

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Time to Spring Clean
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