Winter Braai – Making Jaffels and Waffles on the Fire

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Don’t you think winter braais are the best?  Especially when you shake it up a little and make Jaffles and Waffles on the fire.

There is that feeling of warmth, when you are standing by the fire with your family and friends, making food that everybody loves.

Most families have their own braai favourites. Some like plenty of meat; others prefer to braai chicken of seafood.

In the Cape a braai is not a braai without braaibroodjies – toasted cheese, tomato and onion sandwiches done on the fire. Some folk like making plenty of side dishes ranging from pap and gravy to potato bakes, garlic bread and salads.

Today we are going to add to the average braai repertoire with two delicious dishes, which can be regarded as main or side dishes – jaffles and waffles. And yes, you can get the jaffle iron and waffle pan at Household Plastic.

Everybody Loves Jaffles

In the 80s Jaffles were one of the main snacks at bazaars, fetes and sports events. For those who don’t know what a jaffle is, it is a cross between a toasted sarmie and a pie.

Pick a filling – savoury mince, cheese, baked beans, tuna, tomato, onion.  Jaffles can accept any filling; all you need to remember is that the sandwich bread must be buttered on the outsides – to prevent sticking.

The amazing quality of the Jaffle-maker is its versatility,  it can be used with any heat source, electricity, gas or in an open fire, which  makes it an exciting addition to camping equipment and of course, for braai days.

There are many ways to fill a jaffle.  Australians like baked beans in their jaffles others prefer them sweet. Here’s what to put inside – besides savoury mince, of course.

For vegetarians there is always the cheese toastie upgrade. For deliciousness, use two kinds of cheese and some chillies and a few spring onions.

A good breakfast jaffle, is usually only achieved after plenty of practice as eggs can be a bit tricky, but it is well worth it, especially as you can eat your practice attempts. If you don’t eat bacon, use macon and an extra slice of cheese.

Delicious Jaffle Combos

  • Cheesy Bolognese
  • Rare roast beef, pear and creamy blue cheese
  • Leftover curry and rice
  • Hot chocolate and custard
  • Hot apple pie jaffle
  • Cheese, tomato and pesto
  • Chutney mac ‘n cheese

Waffle Jaffles

Everything pancakes can do, waffles can do better. Waffles hold syrup better, waffles have a better combination of textures, and waffles can take any number of toppings. Ask around, most people know if they like them with fruit, honey, syrup cream, ice cream?

Waffles are a favourite food for breakfast and dessert. But one doesn’t usually associate waffles with a braai.

Sure you can make delicious waffle jaffles with the jaffle iron, but take a look at this special waffle pan for the braai, the latest in camp fire cookware.

Camp Fire or Braai Waffle Recipe


1 egg

125g plain flour

175ml milk

70ml vegetable oil

1 teaspoon sugar

2 teaspoons baking powder

Pinch of salt

Few drops of vanilla extract

Beat the eggs in a large bowl until light and fluffy. Mix in the flour, milk, vegetable oil into the mixture.

Now, mix in the other dry ingredients; the sugar, baking powder and salt. When you’ve got a mixture of a thick runny consistency, add in the vanilla extract.

Grease the waffle maker with some butter or oil, then place over moderate coals. Before you pour in the waffle mixture, you need to get that waffle iron over the fire, coal or embers and get it piping hot! If you have a grill, you can rest it on this or if you are going rustic, just place it on some large branches or logs.

Cooking your Waffle on the Fire

Once the waffle maker is hot, ladle waffle batter onto the bottom pan, close it up and wait for the waffles to be crisp, golden and cooked through. (You’ll need to turn them over a couple of times.)

Just remove from the fire before you open the two halves of the waffle maker – you don’t want ash getting on your hard earned waffles.  You can now lift the lid and check they have your desired golden brown colour.

Serve with chocolate sauce, ice cream and berries (or whatever tickles your fancy) and definitely some really good coffee to wash it all down.

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Winter Braai – Making Jaffels and Waffles on the Fire
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